Art Print by Thomas Pfaffinger

Art Print by Thomas Pfaffinger

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Art Print by Thomas Pfaffinger (KLANGBOX IV)

Material: Hahnemühle Fine Art Print
Size: 30x30 cm 

Including download code for KLANGBOX IV

Production after order

This art print is an addition to Thomas Pfaffinger's artwork series SCHEINTRANSPARENZ, which was created as a contribution to Feral Note’s KLANGBOX IV and consists of nine sculptural canvas works. The work refers to self-cognition and different identities in different stages of life. Mirrored windows act as the only insight into closed rooms, although most of the time, the spectator is reflected and therefore seeing himself. The art print resembles the materials and effects one can experience within the sculptural canvas works. 

As always, Pfaffinger started his working process with questioning materials, their consistence and structure. Finding color in an indirect way to dismiss the obvious and making this color become more sculptural, so that structures develop their own identity. The artist started using holographic window foil, also found in urban territory - buildings with mirrored windows to protect the look inside made him scrutinize architecture psychology. All sculptural paintings contain materials which are used in the context of building houses or arranging rooms: window foils, spray, curtains, facade spray and light elements. The symbol of houses as a comparison to the psychology of the body was the central starting point of the work SCHEINTRANSPARENZ.

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