Augmented Piano Quintet (digital)

Augmented Piano Quintet (digital)

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Augmented Piano Quintet 

by Kaan Bulak & Ensemble


1. Augmented Piano Quintet, Op. 11: I. Adagio (4:20)

2. Augmented Piano Quintet, Op. 11: II. Sonore (4:14)

3. Augmented Piano Quintet, Op. 11: III. Andante (4:48)


In his Augmented Piano Quintet, Bulak is bringing together influences from Baroque music, improvisation and sound art with his wish to create a very subtle fusion of electronics with acoustic instruments and therefore create a unique chamber music sound. Technically this is achieved through an augmentation of the piano with the 360° loudspeaker Lynch, which has been custom designed by Kaan Bulak and Martion Audiosysteme. 


Bulaks composition is largely inspired by surreal moments contrasting beauty, as in films by Andrei Tarkovsky and David Lynch. The Adagio is beginning with an existential question which is covered by shallow beauty. It is followed by the Sonore movement, where the focus is purely on the sound instead of form or structure; on getting closer to one’s honest inner self. In the last movement the inner voices make their way through a Fugato to a harmony, accompanied by a heartbeat: One has dared to look behind the face and thus has conciliated his inner voices. 



Augmented Piano: Kaan Bulak 

Violin: Moritz Ter-Nedden 

Viola: Friedemann Slenczka 

Cello: Simone Drescher 

Double-bass: Kristina Edin


Music and cover by Kaan Bulak 

Recorded at ZKM Karlsruhe 

2020 © Feral Note, ZKM Karlsruhe


released February 28, 2020 

© All rights reserved