Daiauna (digital)

Daiauna (digital)

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by Magna Pia


1. Daiauna

2. Dionysus 

3. Sacred Ibis

4. Tocharian Love

5. Giants

6. Inanna

7. And So We Crumble


“The Greek word daimōn derives, through the Persian dēw (...) from a probable Sumerian original *DA-IA-U-NA, meaning “having power over fertility”. The demon thus had the power of affecting, for good or ill, birth and death and the various stages of health in between. The medicinal drug had similar powers, and the Hebrew word for “be sick”, dawah, and its cognate noun in Arabic meaning “medicine”, come from the same root. So the demon of health and sickness and the drug are radically one and the same.”


The monolithic electronic album Daiauna was inspired by the meaning of its title and the strong connection between ancient religious practices and sexuality, fertility and nature in former times, especially starting from the Sumerian period until the 4th century. Magna Pia’s new album evolved from a completely isolated and gear-reduced studio time at Feral Note Salon and is leading away from his usual beat-driven techno to his "most honest music", while keeping his characteristic aesthetics. For the first time he has included his original instrument piano in an electronic music production, where tonality appears as a contrasting medium to his archaic sounds. All tracks emerge from a similar source into different multilayered soundscapes which relates to the idea that each of us carries any tendency in oneself.


Written & produced by Magna Pia at Feral Note Salon

Mastered by Kaan Bulak

Cover by Magna Pia


Released July 12, 2019

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