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Digital Snowflake by Saving Kaiser (digital)

Digital Snowflake by Saving Kaiser (digital)

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Digital Snowflake

by Saving Kaiser


1. Feedbacker 04:40

2. Mellow Mint 03:48

3. Lush 05:33

4. David as a Drone 03:08


Saving Kaiser is presenting their first official EP combining top-notch experimental electronics with the verve and playfulness of improvising musicianship. Thomas Wörle and Roman Rofalski - both trained and established as drummer and pianist – are expanding their musical tools in order to pursue a new aesthetic of sound and interaction. In this process, equipment ranging from cymbals and keys to modular systems and laptop start communicating, evolving crystalline soundscapes in between ambient, noise, drone and polyrhythmic beats. Saving Kaiser deploys agility and improvisation into the electronic cosmos. There aren’t any pre-composed sets, everything forms and emerges in the very moment. Complex soundscapes arise, situated in between analogue and digital, spontaneously transforming and developing. 


‚Every single snowflake is a structure of absolute originality, composed of a unique complexity. It is self-sufficient and – at the same time – part of something way bigger. Saving Kaiser sets free digital grains, highlights and puts together new structures, partly symmetrical, sometimes chaotic. We modulate these clusters and let their sometimes unpredictable outcome enhance and guide our improvisations.‘ - Saving Kaiser


Arrangements / Recording / Production / Mixing: Roman Rofalski, Thomas Wörle 
Mastering: Kaan Bulak 
Cover: Sebastian Müller / @bandgestalt


Release on January 13th, 2023

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