Hain I / II (digital)

Hain I / II (digital)

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Hain I / II

by Rothko String Quartet & Kaan Bulak


1. Hain I

2. Hain II


Originally composed by Kaan Bulak for church organ and electronics, 'Hain I / II' offers a more intimate sound approach in the chamber music version. Strings and electronics play and breathe together as an ensemble. Without a click track for strings, live synchronisation is given with musical impulses. In two movements the work goes through soundscapes of classical string quartet phrases, a techno beat in oriental measures, dialogues in sound art, and polyphonic melodies. 

The first release of Feral Note is a live recording without edits, focussing on the moment of music, which is a statement for what is to follow.


Recorded live on February 28th, 2018 at Silent Green, Berlin (Johann Günther)


Cover: Kaan Bulak

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