KLANGBOX I (digital + video)

KLANGBOX I (digital + video)

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by Various Artists



1. Man Carving Himself Out of Sound

2. Hermeneutics I

3. Grayzone

4. Benzo Rampage

5. Hermeneutics II

6. Veritissima

7. Intimations


Hakan Çepni

1. Call of the Soul

2. Drawing Down the Gods

3. Rite of Passage

4. Stragheria

5. Enochian Key

6. A6

7. Vergvist



1. I Dance to a Silent Tune

2. Mirat

3. Juhbiru

4. Buf-e-Kur


Jemma Woolmore

1. Fragile Things I*

2. Fragile Things II*

3. Fragile Things III

4. Fragile Things IV**

Co-production: *Simonne Jones, **Christoph Scheurich



KLANGBOX is a release series with audio(visual) sets that refer to sound art and express a variety of perspectives, every set is around 30 minutes long. Each edition is presenting four different approaches while the musicians are invited to question familiar sounds and instruments. Boundary areas are explored - be it through classical instruments, electronic production, avant-garde approaches, improvisation or ideas linked to visual expressions. The visual works are also available as limited art prints, the audio works as limited edition double cassette boxes and digital releases. 

Contrapunct alias Alexander Jussow has been looking for sounds and production techniques in his immediate environment since his studies at the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe and the University of the Arts in Berlin - be it as a violinist in string quartets or in the Stuttgart State Orchestra or as a collaborator with electronic musicians. Using samples of works that he has played in the orchestra, he creates his own electronic orchestra and expands the sound spectrum of his violin. 

Between the force of sound and rhythms, Hakan Çepni produces techno and ambient with a noise character. His works, so far mostly without official publications, are played by DJs in Berghain. As an electric guitarist, he has a special relationship with distorted sounds and uses these universally in his music on various sound sources. 

The oud, e-bass and electronics are elements of an atmospheric soundscape formed of melismata and minimal rhythmical patterns discovered through an inner concentration and precision of the singular moment that redeems a music already existent in silence, as a sculptor unfolds a form preordained in the unmarked stone. The duo creates a perpetual suspension between possibility and certainty, capture and release. Through experimental playing, identities and potentialities are broken apart and rearranged as formerly disjunct elements are thrown into combination – an echo of the law of requisite variety. 

Jemma Woolmore’s art practice explores the spatial and emotional possibilities of light, sound and image in immersive and performative environments. She crafts abstract worlds that fluctuate ambiguously in scale between the micro and macro, responding intuitively with sound and environment and blurring the boundaries between real and virtual. Her practice explores the possibilities for story telling and world building using audio-visual performance and immersive installation.  

Mixing & Mastering by Kaan Bulak 
Art Work by Jemma Woolmore 
2021 © Feral Note 


released September 2nd, 2021


© All rights reserved

Supported by Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR recovery programme.

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